Friday, September 2, 2011

Going Barefoot Can Get Your Feet Dirty

Some examples of dirty female feet from the web.

Barefoot Female Street Painting Artists

These street painting artists are from various free web sites. If any of these are yours and you wish them removed, email me.

Stories of Barefooters I've Met

When I moved to New England it was common to see barefooters in stores, fast food, family restaurants and around town. I started going barefoot everywhere and haven't looked back! I lived on a dirt road that was oiled every year to keep the dust down. Just one step on the road and your feet were black! The 14 year old girl who delivered the newspapers was always shoeless, her soles matched her black hair. She moved out of town before I could get to know her better.

There was one girl who worked in a Cumberland Farms store who never wore shoes. I sat in back of her in the school cafeteria and could see her black soles as she propped her feet up in her sandals. Her hair was long and black also. There was one girl who was a true barefooter. One day after I finished an Earth Science test I went to use the restroom. She was on her way back to class from the restroom. She ditched her sandals and was shuffling her bare feet down the hall, just the way I did in stores and smooth floors! I sat behind and to the left of her in Biology class the following year. She had very dirty feet and nice callouses under each toe when she propped her feet out of her sandals. There were two other girls who were always barefoot around town. They both lived near each other. They both had very tough feet, one even graduated barefoot. During rehearsal for our graduation skit this one girl showed up with pitch black soles! I saw her sitting on a chair in back of the stage and someone (I couldn't see who) was massaging her feet. When I was a Senior, I briefly dated a Freshman from another high school. She had run away from home and didn't bring shoes. Her feet were very tough and calloused by being scorched from hot pavement. She liked going barefoot in stores, etc. One day we walked along railroad tracks and she told me they were too hot for her feet. I thought that was odd given her tough soles. No problem for me, but we turned back. I lost track of her when I went to college. I dated a woman in college who went barefoot around the house but not much outdoors. One of her girlfriends always went barefoot everywhere. I remember the three of us walking near her apartment. We went into McDonalds and she was dragging her feet on the floor. I think she saw how dirty mine were :-) and she was jealous.

About 10-15 years ago it was common for me to see 6 or more barefooters in Greenwich Village in NYC. I recall seeing a young woman who went to her yoga class, arriving barefoot with dirty soles. This was on Second Avenue between St. Marks Place and Ninth. Why wear shoes when you'll take them off anyway during yoga? In Washington Square Park there was one woman who was always barefoot had filthy black feet. Jane once let me feel her soles, I thought they would be hard as rocks but they were soft and smooth. She never had problems on the hottest surfaces. I think she was homeless and lived in the park. Another time I saw a woman sitting on the fountain with her coal black soles propped up on the edge. She was nicely dressed. I told her we liked the same color shoes! She was from the Midwest and always went barefoot. I asked if she wanted to hang out, but she was with (shod) friends. I felt her soles, it felt like I was touching the fountain concrete. Her soles were hard as leather. I saw a young woman barefoot on Broadway near Tower Records. She was German, her English was fair. She told me she walked barefoot to South Street Seaport the week before. She showed me her soles. They were a darker shade of gray. She said they got "those little round things".

They were callouses. She lived in an apartment nearby. Unfortunately, we never hooked up.

I met another young hippie girl in the park who had tough feet. We marched together barefoot in a Legalize Pot parade. I dated one woman I met in the park for a few months. It was great to have a barefoot girlfriend to romp about the city and subways with. One cool fall day I saw a young (20 ish) black woman barefoot on Second Avenue by St. Marks Place. She was with a couple of girlfriends. I remarked how we liked the same shoes. One of her friends said she was always barefoot. They were from Atlanta, visiting New York. Her feet weren't very dirty, but tough as hard leather. I think her "friend" was more than that....

I went into a Friendly's Ice Cream in Darien, CT one evening and there was a 30'ish mom and her 4 year old daughter waiting in the take-out line. Both were barefoot with very dirty feet. The mom said her daughter always kicks off flip-flops and shoes and got her in the barefooting habit. Our soles were tied for blackness.

I met a girl in Washington Square Park one year. She was barefoot, her friend was carrying sandals. They were from CT. I did go out a few times with her. She wasn't a dedicated barefooter, we didn't see each other after she started school in the fall. I met one girl at a Dead concert at the Meadowlands. We massaged each others feet in a 69 fashion. Hers were smooth but black whereas mine were totally black, blistered and tough from the parking lot. We French kissed for about 10 minutes after that. Another girl at another Meadowlands Dead show had soles that were hard as rocks and filthy all over. She was heavyset and told me her mom threw her off her bed a few weeks before because her feet were so dirty. Another girl I met who was barefoot, carrying boots and had tattoos all over her body. She wore a string bikini and almost every inch of her body was branded. She was so cool! Her friend didn't have any ink and was wearing sneakers. Quite a contrast!

I was in the Port Authority Bus Terminal in NYC one afternoon. There was this girl, Trish, who was barefoot with filthy feet. I asked if she would like to compare callouses. She put her foot against mine to see if her sole was wider. We matched! She told me she worked in a clothing store in the Village barefoot and didn't even have any shoes to wear. From the toughness of her feet I believed it. She was with a blond who was barefoot but her feet were clean. They were taking a bus to the Meadowlands for a Dead concert. I met a maid in Aruba who worked barefoot! When she knocked on the door to clean my room I told her she had really nice shoes. Her feet were only a bit dirty, but very tough. She didn't wear shoes much, if ever. It was great that she could work in the comfort of not having to don footwear.

At a Dead show at Madison Square Garden I met three girls, two were barefoot with dirty feet. We took the subway down to the Village. The third girl wore sneakers because "she didn't want to get her feet cut up". We had no problem barefooting around the Village, Washington Square Park, stores, etc. We later took the subway back uptown. We bought some snacks and sat against a wall. I told the two barefooters how our feet matched so nicely, all black and tough. One said "That's OK, they're used to it!" and said the sneakered girl usually barefoots around campus with them. Once when I vacationed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida I saw a girl with filthy bare feet. Her hair was black and her feet matched nicely. I complimented her and offered how we both liked the same color shoes. She came from inside a bar where I saw her drinking and smoking. She told me she'd

meet me later that evening, but she never showed. A shopkeeper told me that she was only 14 and a prostitute! Glad she never showed up. Sad life story, though. She looked much older.

I met two barefoot girls in Strawberry Fields in Central Park during the unofficial Jerry Garcia memorial. Liz had very filthy feet, a pierced belly button and asked me if I'd like to share a J after I said "I see we all like the same shoes". Her friend, Jackie, had clean but tougher feet. Liz and I smoked the J but her filthy blackened feet were mostly hidden under her. Jackie said "You DO go barefoot all the time. Your feet are just like Liz's". I never did see either of them again. Jackie did say they had shopped barefoot in the Village the week before. They were both from NJ.

I dated a couple of girls who were dedicated barefooters. After a day in the Village, on the subways, stores, you couldn't tell which of us had the blackest feet! Got a lot of looks when she'd put her feet up on the dashboard or when we propped one foot up while standing in line. One girl, Suzy, loved standing on my feet with hers. Got the tops on mine coal black. Her mom also used to be a barefooter, before they moved to NYC. Her mom's soles were very tough and calloused.

I vacationed a couple of times in L.A. Even in Venice Beach there were only a few true barefooters. The mall in Century City and another in West L.A. had no problems with bare feet, although one woman said I should wear some shoes. I told her she should go barefoot! Only a few barefooters in San Francisco, they were in Haight-Ashbury. Ben & Jerry's was barefoot friendly. A record store was not. A sad sign of the times, I guess.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Enjoy Going Barefoot?

I enjoy the comfort and freedom of going barefoot everywhere and like meeting women who do the same. There is nothing wrong with shopping, walking on streets and doing everything you normally do sans footwear. I've had the pleasure of having two hippy type girlfriends who did the same.We would go shopping, movies, eating out, amusement parks, along the boardwalk, concerts, etc. barefoot together.

I would like to share stories and experiences with women. I do not consider myself to have a foot fetish so please no dominatrix, foot worship or shoe fetish responses. I am not bi or gay (not homophobic) so please also no male feet related responses.